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Region: Western Mongolia
Interesting Sites: Strictly Protected Area of Uvs Lake (7125sq km). A unique place to enjoy different natural zones in one place, including the sand dunes of the Gobi zone, open and mountain steppes, forests, and high mountains. Uvs Lake itself is the biggest (3350 sq km) saltwater lake in Mongolia, with altitude of 743m.
Available: June 01 - September 30
Length of Tour: 9 nights / 10 days

Day 1
We will meet you and transfer you to your three or four star hotel. Optional city tour depending on arrival: Gandan Monastery and Winter Palace Museum of the Bogd Khan, last king of Mongolia.

Day 2
Early morning transfer to the airport for flight to Ulaangom city in Uvs Province. The flight will take two hours. Local staff will meet you at Ulaangom airport and your first destination will be Uvs Lake, 40 km away. Enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the lake. Tented camping.

Day 3
Uvs Lake - Tsagaan Nuur canyon (240 km). Lunch at the Uureg Lake. After lunch you will visit a nomad family of the Durvud ethnic group. You will be introduced to the nomadic lifestyle as well as the particular and unique culture, traditions and history of the Durvud people. Tented camping near the Tsagaan Nuur canyon.

Day 4
Tsagaan Nuur canyon -Tsengel Hairhan Mountain. (180 km). Drive to the Tsengel Hairhan Mountain. On this day you will visit a Kazakh nomad family and will experience the traditional lifestyle of the Kazakh Mongolians. One of the unique traditions of the Kazakh people is hunting with eagles. In the afternoon you will visit a Kazakh nomadic family who use Golden Eagles for hunting. We will introduce you to the methods of catching and training Golden Eagles for hunting. Tented camping.

Day 5
Tsengel Hairhan mountain.- Tsambagarav mountain (150 km). Drive to Tsambagarav Mountain, stopping on the way for a relaxed picnic lunch at Tolbo Lake. After lunch you will visit a Kazakh family in order to witness the production methods of traditional handicrafts, such as intricate and delicate ger wall hangings. You can also experience nomadic life by riding a horse, milking a cow or a sheep. Traditional cuisine for dinner.

Day 6
Tsambagarav mountain - Hovd City. (140 km). On the way visit a nomadic family from the Uuld ethnic group of Mongolia. You will be introduced to the traditions and culture of Uuld people. Tented camping near Hovd town.

Day 7
Hovd - Day excursion to the nearby Har Us Lake, second largest freshwater lake in the country, and Tsenheriin Cave. Overnight in a hotel in Hovd city.

Day 8
Flight to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar late afternoon. Dinner and overnight in Hotel.

Day 9
In the morning visit the National History museum. Drive to Terelj National Park. On the way visit the huge Turtle rock and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park. After lunch you will be initiated into the methods of assembling a ger, a traditional Mongolian dwelling. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 10
After an early breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport for departure.